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For a Financially-Secure Future, Saving For Retirement Should Start Now

Successful, financially smart people know the importance of saving up for the future. Not having enough money for daily living expenses and for unavoidable costs such as healthcare is one of the most difficult problems retired people will face, especially if they have no other source of income.

Ever since the shift from defined-benefit pensions to defined-contribution retirement plans, where the employee assumes investment risks, financial experts are concerned that Americans are not saving enough for retirement.

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For retirement money to be enough, people should start saving as soon as they enter the workforce. It has been observed that the two biggest challenges are getting started with saving, and regularly adding to the retirement fund. The correct mindset to overcome this is to think that saving is not an option; it is necessary.

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Take advantage of retirement accounts such as the 401(k), or an employer's incentive retirement savings programs. Start small, if only to start the habit: set aside 20 to 50 dollars monthly through no-minimum, no-fee retirement accounts, and then gradually increase monthly savings for the duration of one's employed life.

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Don’t Hate The Tears

Many people dislike crying, or being exposed while crying. They try their best to fight the tears or hide their feelings. There are times when children (especially boys) are told not to cry, because it supposedly betrays weakness or being out of control. But is it true that crying is a sign of weakness?

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Tears temper aggression, and can be a sign of cooperation. They are not just a sign of vulnerability, but of sincerity and honesty. Crying indicates a shedding of defenses, and signals an opportunity for intimacy. It is also a sign of distress, or call for help, but it is not necessarily a display of weakness.

Crying also relieves stress. It releases stress hormones, which makes people think and feel better after. It also brings the body into equilibrium—physically, mentally, and emotionally. People who cry during or after an event do their bodies a favor by calming it down without even knowing about it.

It is also a way for people to reinforce social communication and attachment. It can be a means to strengthen relationship bonds (e.g. when a couple cries during their wedding or after their child is born) or to connect thought and action. Tears could be misinterpreted as signs of weakness, but it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and trusting.

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The Root Of The Rut: Reasons Overthinking Can Be Harmful

Regrets—everyone has them. It may be about the wrong choice of dress for the day, waking up late for a meeting, or it may be a serious mistake that cannot be undone. Everyone sure has things they wish they could’ve done in a different way.

But wallowing in despair is not healthy or helpful at all. Overthinking robs people of their joy. By dwelling on what ifs, they dwell on their mistakes rather than learning from it. It is the root of the rut; the reason why people are stuck in a place where it seems hard to move forward. Overthinking is not self-reflection, but self-affliction. Here are ways overthinking can harm a person.

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Overthinking bubbles up negativity.

Overthinking will make a situation more problematic than it appears to be. The problem will only remain a problem without any resolution.

Overthinking causes people to become unproductive

Because people are stuck in a moment where they can’t seem to move on, they forget about the now and the future. By failing to move forward, they also fail to do certain tasks that need their attention in a given span of time.

Overthinking can drain people physically

Overthinking can cause people to experience heightened stress levels. Some fail to eat or sleep because of their daunting thoughts.

Think overthinking is impairing someone’s life? Have them breathe and pause for a moment to appreciate all the good things.

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Two Signs You Should Quit Your Job

One of the hardest decisions many adults face is deciding when to quit their job. Each individual reaches their conclusion through different means; after all, the factors that contribute to the frustration vary. However, many life coaches do guide their clients in selecting the best possible conclusion through the careful consideration of these two factors.

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The first is growth. It is perfectly normal to feel dejected at work. Many employees feel underutilized, overworked, or underpaid. Periods of frustration or restlessness may ensue. But mindful individuals will recognize what is actually real and what is perceived. Moments of despair could be related to outside factors – not necessarily about work. Sometimes, personal issues may become projected as a work challenge. To really see if the difficulty is truly about work or not, employees are asked to take a step back and list down a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) plan. If it is seen that there are more strengths and opportunities in that job, then perhaps there is another reason for wanting to quit.

The next is support. Employees should feel that they are able to talk about their concerns with management or an appropriate human resource lead. Oftentimes, employees want to quit because they feel they are not being fully respected by their bosses. But if they can find an avenue where they can bring up whatever issues they may have, it would greatly benefit both the company and the employee.

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Quitting one’s job is a major decision and should be done only when all channels for communication and introspection have been exhausted. Seeking the advice of a licensed life coach may also help make the decision-making process easier.

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Studies Show Kindness Leads To Financial Success

New business studies are concluding that kindness plays a role in financial success. Authors of these various studies wanted to determine the similarities among the world’s most successful people. Each of these renowned entrepreneurs and businesspeople share similar characteristics; patience, diligence, tenacity, but the trait that was not expected (but nevertheless appreciated) was kindness. It would appear that those who are successful are mostly kind.

Kindness in this case is defined by the capacity to empathize and sympathize with other people as well as having a healthy respect for one’s self. Kindness must also extend to one’s self. This is an interesting finding as many individuals still operate under the presumption that the financial world is a cut-throat, no-holds-barred environment. Popular media supports this and kindness is often seen as a weakness rather than a strength.

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It is necessary to make difficult business decisions. These choices will, inevitably, affect other people’s lives. Yet it is important to note that these decisions are not made with the outright intent of malice. They are done with a clear-cut vision of financial growth. Successful entrepreneurs understand this. Kindness is exhibited by reaching a compromise among all parties and empathizing any loss. Most importantly, entrepreneurs do not grieve for mistakes. Kindness to self means forgiving errors and being grateful for experiences. Most, if not all, of the richest people in the world speak of the value of gratitude in their work.

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Kindness is a skill that should be practiced daily and with great sincerity. It is not enough to just be kind; the individual should feel the kindness. This is crucial to both personal development and business success.

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Think Yourself Green: Why Affirmations Lead To Career Success

Achieving financial success requires understanding all the facets that characterize it. A major portion of this is one’s mindset. If one were to look at all of the richest people in the world, it would become obvious that a great deal of their success can be attributed to how they viewed money and their self. Although each icon has their own belief systems and stories, the general observation remains the same: none of them gave up on their goal. It was through diligence and persistence that they were able to overcome obstacles in their life and become the success they are today.

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The good news is that this type of thinking can actually be achieved quite simply. An easy yet very effective technique in changing one’s mindset is through affirmations. Medical studies have shown that the brain is labile, meaning that it continually changes based on the experiences it goes through. So, for example, a person has negative belief systems regarding money (e.g. I don’t deserve money, money is for the greedy and corrupt, etc.), the brain creates neural pathways that will justify these assumptions. Affirmations help shift that thinking by forming new connections that promote a healthy regard for career success.

It is the shift in mindset that behavior changes. People who practice daily affirmations are more confident in their financial plans and are grateful (though not completely surprised) when they receive economic gains.

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Unconsciously Conscious: Uncommon Symptoms of Low Self-esteem

Many individuals with low self-esteem walk around without letting others know about their struggles. They put on masks and give out the impression that everything’s well. However, there are traits that could reveal an underlying issue a person has with his or her self-esteem. Here are some of them:

Constantly attributing successes to luck
Most successes can’t be attributed to luck especially if a person has been working at a job or on a project for a long time. When a person keeps saying, “I’m just lucky” whenever a good thing happens and it’s clear that his or her actions were the ones that brought an accomplishment, that person could be lacking confidence in what he or she can do. It’s a false sense of humility.

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When a person buys stuff he or she doesn’t really need or stocks up on supplies that stores won’t run out of soon, this could be a symptom of low self-esteem. Especially when unimportant things are bought with hard-earned money, it could be a way to impress people whose tastes and opinions matter. Thoughtless purchases could be a way of showing off to cover up for insecurities.

Sleep escapism
Who doesn’t love sleep? Everyone needs his or her dose of it. However there are some who use sleep as a way of shunning people. When a problem arises or when something worth being anxious about happens, they use their beds as a scapegoat. Their detachment from the world might reveal that they think they’re not strong enough to face whatever life throws at them.

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Those dealing with self-esteem issues have different ways of coping. However, it is also important to make sure that this aspect is healthy, as it could dictate an individual’s performance in relationships and other endeavors. The truth is, everyone struggles with self-image from time to time. What’s important is for a person to have the desire to see an improvement in his or her life daily.

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Keep a positive outlook: Tips to overcome negative thoughts

To live a positive life, one has to keep a positive outlook. With our personal life experiences and realities, however, it may sometimes be inevitable for negative thoughts to take over our lives.

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Negative thinking is a bad habit. Hence, we must always remind ourselves to stay positive no matter what life offers us. Below are some tips to overcome negative thoughts:

  • The first step is to identify your negative thoughts. Keeping a journal of your troubles will help you understand them. Search within and identify the thoughts that make you feel sad or discouraged. Counteract the negativities you identify by saying something positive to yourself.

  • List the things that you are grateful for. Sometimes we forget the things that make life beautiful. If you think you do, refocus your mind on all the good things happening around you.

  • Whether through music or painting, find a creative outlet for your thoughts. Exploring your emotions can heal your soul and elevate your mood.

  • Change the way you talk. This includes what you speak out loud to others and how you talk to yourself. Remove negative words in your vocabulary by toning down your language. For example, instead of saying “terrible,” you can use the word “unfortunate.” You can also use the word “challenge” as replacement for words like “disaster.”

Remember, it is all in your mind. Finding the good in bad situations can alter how you deal with challenges in life.

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Disconnecting: Compelling reasons for a social media detox

In today’s interconnected world of social media, likes, follows, and shares all seem to mean something to us. According to a study, social media has an effect on how we perceive ourselves. Moreover, research also reported that social networks like Facebook and Twitter affect self-esteem and anxiety levels, especially when they push us to compare our happiness and accomplishments to our “online friends.”

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For this reason, it is important once in a while to disconnect. And although abstaining can seem impossible, there are some good reasons to undergo a social media detox:

It lessens stress and anxiety. Online confrontations can affect the way people feel. A study featured on reveals that many people find it difficult to fully relax or sleep after spending time on social networks. Moreover, some people cited work or relationship difficulties due to confrontations online.

It enhances concentration. If you find yourself having difficulty concentrating on a task for a minimum of five minutes without browsing Facebook or Twitter, then it’s clear that you need social media detoxification. Steering clear from social media for a couple days can provide you renewed concentration to accomplish important tasks and responsibilities.

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It allows you to have time for yourself. Remember those days when you used to have a hobby? Now is the perfect time to rekindle your passion for those things. Read, sing, or dance? Do whatever it is that you want time for.

Staying away from social media for a little time allows you to be human again. It may be a challenge, but it is definitely worth it.

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In Pursuit of Life’s Purpose

Knowing one’s purpose can come in an epiphany, and it may happen when one is young or late in one’s life. While others find their true calling, some are left wondering what they should do or become in life.

A lot of people mistake aspiration as their life’s purpose, and some are even content with what they have become in life. Aspiration is what drive people to work hard to grow their wealth and to build their confidence and reputation. Purpose, meanwhile, is what "impact, influence and change the course of society and humanity," or as what Viktor Frankl, prominent Jewish psychiatrist and author of “Man's Search for Meaning” refers to as what defines man’s humanity.

Humanity becomes the solid foundation to which people find true calling, a purpose-driven life. This human trait is what creates the consciousness of what people do for a living. Hence, their aspirations have been weighed by a higher purpose other than just riches and reputations.

People who have not found their purpose in life still feel empty despite their fortune, success, and fame. True happiness lies in one’s the ability to put meaning and passion into his work. A higher purpose in life is when people have found their true calling, whether to help others or to become a catalyst of other's epiphany.

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